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Evidence of data and facts as well as the latest CLARIFICATION regarding fake MCI bioglass, fake MCI products, fake MCI necklace, fake MCI pendant necklace, lying MCI bio pendant, lying MCI aura pendant, lying bioglass water, whether bioglass is a lie, bioglass is true or a lie. Every human being must have felt a mild to severe fever. Fever is a condition when the body temperature increases to more than 38 degrees Celsius. When viruses, bacteria, fungi or parasites attack the body, the human body’s immune system will react and cause fever. But in addition to viruses and so on in the human body, fever is also a sign that our body is dehydrated or dehydrated. This can happen because when we are dehydrated, the body’s immune system will decline and become weak to fight an infection in the body.

When the body temperature starts to rise, doctors usually recommend patients to drink enough mineral water as the first treatment to rehydrate and cool the body so that the body temperature will decrease slowly. Water that is better for consumption by the body is hexagonal water. What is the difference between hexagonal water and the water we drink everyday? Plain water contains a neutral pH of 7, while hexagonal water contains an alkaline pH (7.8 – 8.6).

The alkaline pH contained in hexagonal water makes this water able to move and enter more easily into the cells of the human body. This easier movement due to the low surface tension of the water makes the nutrients and proteins needed by the body dissolve in the water and are better absorbed into the body’s cells and remove waste substances that are not needed by the body. It is not difficult at this time to get hexagonal water. Bioglass from MCI is a product that can convert ordinary water into hexagonal water. Hexagonal water can not only be drunk when the body has a fever or other illness, but you can drink the hexagonal water produced by Bioglass every day and at any time to keep the body’s immune system protected from other diseases.

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